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About Art School Vienna

The Vienna Art School is the only school in Austria that offers courses in Visual Arts and Applied Arts that can be attended without passing a previous entrance exam. These courses of studies – which refer to the opportunity for interdisciplinary or specific art studies – offer a qualified, comprehensive and contemporary introduction into the living and working environment of “Art”.

The training lasts three years, and includes enough time for experimentation, communication, and the systematic acquisition of techniques, methods and media. Because of a very open definition of “Art” and the continuous development of the curriculum, the faculty offers an atmosphere which emphasizes the exchange of ideas and encourages discipline-spanning projects. Thanks to the involvement of important art and cultural institutions and a series of public presentations, the Vienna Art School is a vivid and communicative teaching institution of art in the Viennese art scene.

While the Vienna Art School is a private school, it is recognized by the state of Austria. So, students who graduate attain a degree in visual and applied arts (with a special mention of the subject they majored in). This degree qualifies the students for high level work in the art sector at an international level.

Basis of Studies

The basis of the studies is the free choice of subjects in which the students want to major. These courses of studies are Sculpture, Painting & Process, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Animation and Experimental Film, Comic, and Design and Space. Complementary courses are offered in Photography in the summer semester. The student’s own artistic work is central to the training, which is complemented with a wide offering of theoretical courses, as well as field trips, workshops, guest lectures, and exhibitions. Individual mentoring and the support of student initiative are highly valued.

Every year about 100 students pursue their education at the Vienna Art School, together with about 30 lecturers. One year of studies is divided into two semesters, each lasting fifteen weeks. On average of 20 students pass the examination committee each year. Graduates of the Vienna Art School get official state recognition as “artists”.

The Year of Orientation (first segment- 2 semesters)

During their first semester, all students – no matter their chosen subject– must work in all disciplines and in all workshops. The term is further divided into 20 hour-workshops, during which students get to realise specific projects to get informed about the all eight of the offered fields of studies and their content. This basic orientation should help new students assess their own suitability for the subjects they are going to chose from the second semester on.  It also opens up an interdisciplinary approach to art in general. The final decision regarding the combination of two subjects in which the students want to major in is made at the end of the first semester.
During the second semester, students start to intensively pursue their chosen subject, as well as get prepared for the examination committee which they have to pass at the end of their first segment. Attendance to all courses as well as the presentation of a project they prepared during their year of orientation is compulsory for all students.

In-depth Studies (second segment, 4 semesters)

The aim of the second segment is the specialisation on the student’s chosen subjects and an in-depth study of it. Skills gained in the workshops are improved by additional courses, covering subjects like theoretical and interdisciplinary knowledge and reflection, and various supplementary courses. During those courses, the students will learn theoretical and reflexive skills as well as get a greater understanding regarding artistic, technical and social topics.

Completion of Studies

The presentation of a final year project during the “exit” exhibition at term’s end in front of examination committee is compulsory to complete the studies. The school’s degree is recognised by the state of Austria.

Application and Application Terms

Everyone who has passed their 16th birthday is allowed to enrol in the Vienna Art School, however foreign students not accompanied by a parent must be of age, e.g. 18 years or older.
For students from other countries than Austria a working knowledge of German is required (certificate B1).

To enrol for the Year of Orientation a government issued photo-identification, a C.V. and letter of motivation explaining the reason for choosing an artistic education and describing expectations regarding their time at school, a photocopy of the passport as well as two ID photos are required.
All documents have to be delivered to the registration office. Once all the usual formalities are done and the tuition fee has been received for the whole Year of Orientation (two semesters), the applicant is officially enrolled in the Vienna Art School.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for the first segment (first and second semester = Year of Orientation) has to be paid once the application documents have been received by the school (€ 2300 totally for citizens of the European Union, € 3600 for Non-European citizens). Once the tuition fee has been received, the student can be sure of a place at the Vienna Art School. Tuition fees will be raised in accordance to the general advancement of prices (a raise of about 5 % per annum). If the student is withdrawing his/her application during the first two weeks of the first semester, 10 % of the fee will be deducted for administrative charges.
Additional costs for artist’s materials must be covered by the student.

Attention! Limited places – it is advised to send in the application as early as possible, since only approximately 45 students will be admitted each year.

Contact info:
Art School Vienna
Lazarettgasse 27, 1090 Wien
Liebknechtgasse 30, 1160 Wien
Rosenackerstr. 14, 1160 Wien
phone +43-677-6160-2640

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